“It’s been a long time, hasn’t it?”

*Wipes dust of laptop*

I hadn’t realised I had neglected the blogging world for so long! (Last post currently stands at 28.02.11..That’s shameful even for me)       I am my own worst enemy in the sense that I planned on maintaining this blog as at least a monthly update and have failed. *tear* – – Cue melancholy music.  I blame the perils of being a second year student and my lack of time management skills.

I failed to realise how hard it would be to keep on top of my academics as well as having a social life. Of course I heard through the grape-vine that it would be difficult: “Second year counts towards your final grade and therefore naturally will be gruelling”…”Your second year is double the work my friend”. I would say I had trouble fully digesting these words of wisdom. The grapevine was clearly NOT that helpful. Instead I was left pulling my hair out in the middle of my bedroom, surrounded by endless piles of literature and scrap pieces of paper. Rushing to complete all coursework before the due date was near enough impossible, especially when presented with the overwhelming notion of failure.

BUT..and yes it is a big BUT..my great mother taught me that nothing in life is free and that anything worth having is worth fighting for. Result: I have successfully progressed into third year with a decent set of module grades 🙂 Hoorah for the English maniac!! *3 cheers would be much appreciated*

Now this leaves me with the summer break. Time to enjoy the comforts of home living, cooked meals and old friends. That doesn’t mean that I am allowed to forget about university. It just means I learn from my mistakes.

I, Rebecca Mai Renwick, hereby declare that I CAN have a social life whilst preparing for my third and final year in Brutal Brunel.

Things learnt in helping me with my multi-tasking determination-ness (So not a word I know. But what the heck, I’m not being graded on this :)) :

  • From Antonia..


Example numero Uno

  • From Monica..

There’s no point being in this world just to be here. If I’m going to tackle life head on, I might as well make a difference. If I’m quoting her directly, I would say:

“I wanna die knowing I’ve left my mark in this world”

The mark doesn’t have to be an enormous one that is potentially life changing. It can be a mark as small as the one on your right shoe that you made last week after kicking a ball too hard. Either way, you’re happier within yourself for doing what you wanted to do. That’s good enough for me 🙂

Sooo I don’t want this all to be about WHAT I WILL DO.


I’ll be signing back on when I have more to tell you..(Gonna go write to the RSPCA now. They might just want some help from little old me in the press department. Fingers crossed peeps!)

The Dc Martens

Mighty fierce Dc Martens

^^ I’m going to use THESE to help me squash/attack/kick/annihilate any bug/fly/creature who stands in my way!! *Muhahhaaaaa*

PEACE & Love.