Memoirs of a Pissed-Off Female

In memory of a distant ex. Inspired by a real-life relationship disaster. Terms and conditions apply.

Currently recovering from one of my many ‘reflective day dreams’, I sit and wonder why we put ourselves through it. ‘It’ being the emotional and physical roller coaster we go through when ‘involved’ with the male species.

At the tender age of 19, I have had my fair share of disastrous relationships (if you can actually call them that) and yet I fail to learn from my mistakes. Time after time, I land myself in a state of vulnerability (something in which I’m sure most girls can relate to) and find myself asking the same question: “Why are boyfriends so UNABLE?”

Maybe a little advice from K.M can answer my question??

Kate Millet (author of Sexual Politics)

Characteristics of each gender:

  • THE MAN: Aggression, Intelligence, Force, Efficacy.
  • THE WOMAN: Passivity, Ignorance, Docility,”Virtue”, Ineffectuality.

To a certain extent, I agree with her analysis. The man alone possesses ‘cold’, harsh qualities which render him helpless when faced with female companionship. Aggression faced with a woman’s passivity; epic fail. Force coupled with ignorance; both repel each other. Now imagine this. The aggression, force, passivity and ignorance served with a home made side helping of love; DISASTROUS.

I hear the angry rant of hundreds of boys, so I cover my ears with earmuffs and continue. I use the word disastrous because boys do not have the ability to adopt female characteristics; the female mentality. To put it plainly: We snuggle, we cuddle, we cry, we weep, we don’t sleep, we fret, we worry, we give, we don’t take, we trust, we believe, we don’t see, we bleed and yet we STILL love unconditionally. We accept him for his faults and he accepts no responsibility. Instead he hurts, he shits, he spits, he angers, he frustrates, he waits, he creates excuses, abuses, confuses and yet he STILL takes what he doesn’t deserve. A females love.

Some of us are aware of this. Some of us are not. Some are willing to admit, some are willing to submit. I am willing to accept it and fight back. Not against them, but by reaching out to you (my fellow females).

If you found yourself able to somewhat relate to my musings then I urge you to sit and evaluate as I will do.

This started as an evaluation of boys and ends as an evaluation of self. Boys will be boys and they will continue to do so until they realise the error of their ways.

Girls will become women in their understanding that regardless of whether boys are unable or not..




Being in a relationship has the potential to be okay, but believing in your strength as an individual has the potential to be BRILLIANT.

I end on a change of title.


‘Memoirs of a Newly Accepting Female’.