Be realistic: Go for the impossible!

A quote from Paulo Coelho that pretty much sums up my inspiration for ‘blogging’.

You may ask why this quote in particular. I would answer “because it states exactly what I should be doing but what I am not” (I hope you understand what I mean, if not, rest assured all will be revealed.)

As an individual, I haven’t really pushed any boundaries in life. I would walk to the edge of a cliff, but be sure to stay well within the ‘safe zone’, afraid of falling off the edge. I have found that this technique isn’t working for ME. So I’ve decided to let myself fall off the edge, into the depths of the unknown. To allow myself to explore the endless possibilities that are out there, waiting for me.

So I start blogging. A small step but a significant one. To me, it’s the road to much more to come. Today blogging, next week para-gliding over the Indian Ocean (a bit far fetched I no, but you get my drift). There isn’t anyone stopping me from achieving what I want but ME.

Now that nothing stands in my way, ‘the world is my oyster’ and I’m going to take full advantage. Just as Paulo helped to inspire me, I hope I have made a small impact into assessing what, if anything, is holding you back from fulfilling your dreams or even conquering your fears.

Belief. Will. Perseverance. That’s all you need.

Good Luck.